For the longest time I played this narrative in my head:

  • Maybe love isn’t meant for me
  • All my other relationships didn’t work out, they never will
  • All the good guys are already married
  • No guy wants a commitment anymore
Sound familiar? I can tell you first hand that they are counterproductive to your love life.

Because I had these ideas about relationships, I kept looking for ‘evidence’ to prove my point.

All my relationships fizzled after the 3-month mark.

I kept meeting great guys who were already married.

I attracted all the commitment-phobes.

And the cycle lived on because I was living up to confirmation bias - the notion that we look for what we believe to be true.


If you can change your idea of what a relationship should and can be like, you open your mind
to create a completely new narrative about your relationships. And here’s what the new narrative can sound like:

  • There’s a guy out there just waiting to meet me
  • I easily attract good men
  • Dating is easy

This may not sound like your reality right now but your past doesn’t dictate your future. Open your heart to receive more, demand more, expect more. You deserve it. You really do.

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If you don’t know it already, mindset work is the secret sauce to attracting healthy love FAST.