Two more modules added!

  • Techniques to break your dating patterns
  • What you can do to make you feel whole

Here’s why I had to include them in Mindset Makeover:

  1. Our dating patterns dictate the kind of relationships we attract. These patterns have taken years to form and like smoking, it’s hard to quit cold turkey. In the module, I share 2 ways you can break your dating patterns for good.
  2. Many people crave romantic love because they’re convinced it’s what they need to feel whole. When you don’t feel whole, you date from a place of scarcity (and as a result, date people just because they happen to cross your path). You date from a place of fear (you feel you’re running out of time so you try to make every guy a prospect). When you can feel whole, you give yourself the time and the chance to find someone who’s going to fulfill your emotional needs. You consciously choose THEM. Not the other way around.

Mindset work is close to my heart because it’s helped me get through many challenges in my life. But I believe that it’s when we have the lows that we grow the fastest.

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If you don’t know it already, mindset work is the secret sauce to attracting healthy love FAST.