A friend of mine called me in tears the other day. It was the 3rd date in a row that didn’t go so well and she was feeling deflated, frustrated, ready to give up on dating altogether. She felt that she had lost control over her love life. She felt she had to leave it to the ‘right timing’ and ‘fate’.

If you’ve been single, I’m sure you’ve felt this way before. But here’s what you can keep in mind. You have total control over your mindset.

Your mindset determines how you perceive each situation.

Things are what we give meaning to - we define how we want to perceive every ‘setback’ and ‘every win’.

What if you didn’t see every ‘bad date’ as a step back to finding love?

What if you could see every breakup as a new opportunity?

What if you could find a way to have fun on every date?

This is the stuff we cover in Mindset Makeover. Want to see if it really works? Read this story.