Having worked with so many beautiful singles, I’ve come to learn that there are three core things that bring people to the love they’re looking for:

  1. Mindset work
  2. Understanding your own needs
  3. Communicating what you need in a relationship

It sounds so simple but in execution, there is a lot of work to be done. Here’s what it involves:

Mindset work:

How we feel about men and relationships often reflects the type of men we attract. Someone who thinks that relationships are hard, that they never work out or that men are commitment-phobes are likely to attract situations and men who fit the bill. When you do the mindset work, you figure out what’s really in the way of finding the love you crave.

Understanding your own needs:

Most singles in their 20s date to explore new experiences, to figure out what they want. But too often, they fall into relationships just because it makes sense for their life stage. Not many actually take the time to figure out what they need in a partner to be happy. It’s similar to graduating from school and choosing a career path. If you don’t work out what your dream job looks like, you’ll end up settling for the first job offer you receive. It may pay well and have good benefits but it may leave you wondering if you’re capable of more (the answer is yes).

Communicating your own needs:

Once you understand your own needs, you need to work out how you’ll communicate them. Men may be keen to make you happy but they’re not mind readers. Where most women get stuck is that they are afraid to communicate their own needs for fear of rejection, in fear of asking for too much, of being too needy. But there is a way to communicate them in a way that doesn’t come off needy or demanding. And that’s what we cover in Lucky in Love, the key ingredients that take you from single to loved up (FAST).

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