How we evaluate each situation is based on our belief systems. It shapes how we think about relationships, dating, and men. People typically have one of the two relationship belief systems:

Belief system number 1:

  • Meeting someone depends on luck and the right timing
  • Not everyone gets lucky
  • I'm too picky (everyone says I am)
  • You need to date a lot to find someone
  • All previous experiences show that my relationships fail, it's meant to be
Belief system number 2:
  • I have total control over the relationships I let into my life
  • I attract healthy relationships and good men, regardless of the timing of my life
  • Dating is easy and fun
  • It doesn't take long to meet someone, as long as I'm dedicated to do the work
  • My past does not dictate the future, every date is a lesson learned
Which of the two do you fall under?

Our relationship belief systems are shaped from a young age and may not necessarily be what we need. Rather than look at what's familiar, look at which system will make you feel fulfilled and happy. If you want to change up your belief systems, let's get started.