You know what I LOVE about the month of November?

The upcoming holiday season. Even though it’s summer here in Sydney, I’ll still be bringing in Christmas cheer with our puppy Fudge. =)

But when I was single, I hated the holidays. It often reminded me of how lonely I was. This was way back when I had a terrible dating mindset.

I was exhausted from dating.

I hated dating apps.

I was convinced I was a magnet for Peter Pans (men who show signs of never wanting to settle down).

If you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’ about dating, here are 3 things you can do to lift your dating mindset:

  1. Give dating a break and focus on doing something you love.
  2. List out 10 reasons why you’ll find love. i.e. I’ll find love because:
  • I know I’ll make a great life partner
  • I’m worthy of the love I want
  • I’m surrounded by love
3. Listen to an uplifting love meditation

Changing your dating mindset takes inner work to set yourself up for success. Think of it as building a house. You want the foundation to be stable and solid right? Your dating mindset sets you up so you can cope with the highs and lows in dating.

Love comes so easily after that.

It’s all covered in Mindset for Love.

Oh and did I mention that you get my 3 set love meditations to transform your love life (FREE)