This is the time of the year I sit down and reflect on all the things I want to achieve next year. One of them is to invest in my marriage: the emotional bank account my husband and I share.

The more we invest into growing our relationship, the more resilient it'll be when we come across bumps along the way.

It got me thinking about how emotional bank accounts apply to everyone - single or coupled.

Just like in a relationship, singles go through the ups and downs of dating, breaking up, dating.

And to be able to bounce back from disappointment and keep dating without feeling jaded or hopelessness takes a solid mindset.

How you bounce back and your continued outlook on relationships is directly related to the type of men and relationships you attract.

This is an amazing thing because mindset is something you have power over. 100%. 🙌

But that takes time to build.

Make the investment to build your emotional bank account. Your future relationships will thank you for it.

Whether you’re on a dating hiatus or you’re making the most out of the social season, take the time to build a mindset that’s ready for love.

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