One of the frequently asked questions I get from readers is:

"How soon will I meet a guy if I put in all the work?"

Results are directly correlated to the energy and time you put into working on your inner self. People say finding love is a numbers game or the right timing but if you can get the inner work right, things will happen for you a lot faster.

I liken it to weight loss. If you put your mind to it, you could easily lose a few pounds a month (maybe even more) vs if you are the type to start and stop an exercise regime or a nutrition plan, it may take you much longer to see results.

I've worked with women who've done the work and felt a difference right away in their love life, I've also worked with women who took 18 months to meet her man. Was he worth the wait? Heck YES! They're madly in love.

The courses I teach are only for those who are serious about getting their love lives on track. Those who want to:

  • Stop playing games and trying dating tactics that don't feel natural
  • Stop feeling confused about the mixed dating advice available
  • Learn the skills to attract the right men so that they can rinse and repeat again and again until they meet their guy
  • Stop wasting time and give it all they've got

I don't just teach women how to attract good men, I also teach how you can maintain healthy relationships that last.

Where to start:

If you are getting over a breakup or feeling a little jaded from dating, I'd highly recommend the Mindset Makeover course.

If you haven't dated in awhile or find yourself in the same dating patterns, Create Your Own Luck in Love is a good one that covers mindset, manifestation, understanding men, attracting men and communication skills to ask for what you want.

If you are tired of casual dating, casual to committed is a great one for those who always attract emotional unavailable men.

Of course, if you're unsure which course is right for you send me an email [email protected]

Hope to see you at the school.