Last week I spoke to Lauren whose boyfriend seemed a little distant. He told her he wasn’t sure if he wanted a relationship with her.

Surprised and anxious, Lauren reached out.

I took out my relationship toolbox and we worked through all the things she could do to keep her man.

We decided on one single strategy. It didn’t involve mind games or manipulation.

The strategy? Becoming her best self.

It turns out Lauren gave up a lot of hobbies when she got into a relationship with Jake. She became too loved up to notice that she no longer saw her book club or went to nerdy comic conventions.

These were things that Jake LOVED about her.

So she went back to doing those things and she discovered more things to do. In a matter of weeks, her social calendar filled up with all these fun and interesting things to do.

Jake had to make a real effort to lock in time with Lauren before anything else stole her away.

For the first time, he was more devoted to her than ever.

Don’t lose sight of the person you were when you first met. These are things that make you - YOU.

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