Relationship Courses Online: Helping 30 and 20 something singles find love

The Dating Mindset That Kept Me Single

For the longest time I played this narrative in my head: Maybe love isn’t meant for me All my other relationships didn’t work out, they never will All the good guys are already married No guy wants a commitment anymore Sound familiar? I can tell you first hand that they are...


Why I'm so passionate about helping young singles find love

Everyone has a love story and this is mine. When I was in my early 30s, I went through a life changing breakup. It was one I didn’t see coming and so when it hit me, it affected several areas of my life. Not only had I hit my ultimate low in my relationships but it quickly transitioned into, my...


FAQ: When will I meet my person?

One of the frequently asked questions I get from readers is: "How soon will I meet a guy if I put in all the work?" Results are directly correlated to the energy and time you put into working on your inner self. People say finding love is a numbers game or the right timing but if you can get...